Book Publication_STRUCTURE

printing press

Here is a preliminary structure for the book.

It is open to critique, revision, praise, etc.  Please make your thoughts known.

A. Chicago 2013:

1. The Five Elements of Chicago:

a. Lakeshore

b. Downtown

c. River

d. Wards

e. Suburbs

2. Chicago in Strata

a. Great Lakes Region

b. Chicagoland

c. City of Chicago

d. Figure/Ground Analysis

B. Chicago 2050:  (order based on how one might move from one to another easily, e.g. from Ola’s project to Piotrs via LSD)

1. Transition, What If?, Studio Prompt

2. Scenarios:

a. Ola

b. Piotr

c. Chenxing

d. Paula, Sofi, Steven

e. JT/Euijun

f. JJ/Michael

g. Grace

h. Qian

C. Appendix:

1. Headquarters

2. Knowledge Centers

3. Scale Comparisons


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