Chicago 2050_Yeajee Han(Grace)_Midterm_Synopsis



Chicago 2050 Synopsis_Grace(Yeajee Han)

  • Background of Changing Economy

               Since 1920, Chicago Economy change conditions, move from Meatpacking to High Tech and Business including Banking and Financial. In 2013, internationally, Chicago appeals as a hub city by trading economy based on location and infrastructure. For my proposal, the fact that Young Workers, age between 20’s and 30’s, are increasing slowly compared to other cities. This generation is flexible and exploring for new worlds. Thus, Chicago need to focus more create high quality job by developing High-Tech Research center; not only concern permanent population in city area, but also invite high educated “hipsters” which is young generation work and easily move in several cities or countries. High Tech research center can create more job than other fields of economy, compared to a space that people require such as Tourism, Headquarter buildings, Universities. Then, in 2050, Chicago will become a HUB and Incubator to deliver High quality Tech incubating infrastructure and high quality workers that will become the potential second Google, Facebook, and so on.

  • Concept Proposal (Prototype of NEXUS with weaving bridge program)

               Tech Research Center will communication area for “New Nomad” ; not staying in one space for work and moving around the space to inspire itself. For future, Machines are getting smaller, so just need wireless infrastructure for working. “New Nomad” is young generation workers who have no stable financial support, but have idea and small business. It has a huge opportunities as big business such as google and facebook, etc..

               Building will provide free space based on minimum private spaces for small office and conference area and maximum semi-public and open spaces. This Proposal is prototype concept so, can create anywhere in Chicago if fit in base infrastructure.  So, Form will be mono function, simple bridging and users create functions. Program could be change as Art Research center or Urban Farm Research Center, etc.. However, big picture of concept is gathering spread communication, create deliverable and, at the same time, invite in Chicago city realm.

               Approaching opportunity site, I take all rich infrastructure possibilities; rail, water way, highway, bike, public transportation based on near “Economic void”. It will fulfill to connect downtown core economic infrastructure and extend to west side of Chicago. It can help people can reach site from anywhere even internationally. It covers industrial area, which is a decreasing zone since 1960s. This proposal will keep industrial area as new economic territory, and also could increase zone.  There is no limit to approaching site, thus, open every young pirates.

               Space will located in several layers on the pedestrian, car load, ground and water level that create new city layer based on new Tech infrastructure. Weaving program is reflecting of network in the building. Physical weaving landscape will create an activities that is like downtown core area because the site has less opportunity to entertain such as parks are located in over 2miles away from each side of the site. It will provide a simultaneous weaving circulation around the entire site that connect indoor and outdoor space ;have several minimum protective space to stay outside during hot summer, cold winter as well.


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