A New Centrality?



A New Loop?

The city has become an accelerated growing urban form within the modern world. Technology, information, data and economical industry are leading the way for the future,  with centrality playing a dominant role in its success. Chicago has, is and will be one of these centralities that must adapt and grow with the fast pace development of the world.

The loop is a prime example of an urban centrality that functions for the city, providing business, entertainment and political functions for Chicago. For this reason, it is crucial that the loop retains these functions in the future, while having the capability of introducing a new strata/level of  supporting functions.

Utilizing the existing infrastructure of the loop, along with this sector’s mixed use occupancy, we can inject new programs into this centrality that will support the cities growth.

With the grade strata of the loop being already dominated with necessary programs, the only solution is to develop a new strata. This new level will utilize the elevated EL tracks as the origin of these new programs. The proposed design will inject itself atop the public transportation lines of the loop, and will provide a new public circulation that supports the implemented of new technological / informational / research based programs within the city. These new programmatic injections will be preliminarily implemented within the existng building infrastructure with communications between all of these buildings being provided by the new elevated tech park.

The new elevated loop will be the incubator of technology and progress for the city of Chicago, along with being open to the public. Corporations, entrepreneurs and research based programs will inhabit this new strata for the support of further development of Chicago.

Piotr Matejczyk

Midterm Presentation:


Case Study:



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