2:00 PM Wednesday Research Pin-Up


Hey Everybody,

For Wednesday we need to develop and condense the maps.   We can experiment to determine which ones might be layered or combined in order to visualize some trends.   In addition to those improvements, we also need to represent data from 1970 and 2000.  That does not always necessarily mean making a duplicate map with just a different data set.  We should try to embed multiple years of data into one map.  This is one way of doing it that I think is effective:

from encyclopedia of chicago

encyclopedia of chicago

Also make use of gradients of opacity or saturation.

Do we need to meet tomorrow night?

I created a new print folder in the Dropbox and also a “WORKING FILES” folder.  Please follow the naming conventions started.

Other Reminders:

1.  $8.75/each to Paula for printing.

2.  Friday – John Tolva, Chief Technology Officer will present to us

3.  Midterm: 10.09.13


5 responses to “2:00 PM Wednesday Research Pin-Up

  1. I can be there for a short time between 6:00-6:30. I can also be there after 10:30. Otherwise, you guys can meet separately without me.

  2. well, i’ve done with research pretty much now. I don’t think i need to meet anybody in Crown today. I will combine youth population change and school location. If anybody has youth population change map or chart, upload file in dropbox, City_Institutional folder.

    Density color will follow “population density” and three different school type color will follow “land use” color (pre school, elementry school, middle school, high school) Also, University will be hatched on the map.
    Other suggestion?!, comment please 🙂

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