2:00 pm Monday Research Pin-Up


Good Evening All,

Drawings to be plotted at 24×36 (please name files as listed below):

01_color_2013_city_satellite image_pm


03_color_2013_city_major buildings_jt

04_bw_2013_city_population density_sk

05_bw_2013_city_figure ground_pl







12_bw_2013_city_vacant lots_sr

13_bw_2013_downtown_figure ground_mc

14_bw_2013_downtown_major buildings_jt

15_bw_2013_downtown_cultural buildings_xc

16_bw_2013_suburbs_population density_sk

suburbs will make file names according to the same structure

File Specifications:

1. Place files in Dropbox print folder.

2. All pages to be individual files labeled according to file-naming-convention above.

3. All pages must be printed to pdf (not just exported or saved).

4. Make all file sizes as small as possible.

5. All files uploaded to Dropbox by 09:00 am tomorrow morning.

Additional Drawing Specifications:

1. Backgrounds for major buildings/cultural buildings/school buildings maps to be (Curbs at color 254-gray) and (SHORELINE at green).

Schedule for Tomorrow:

09:00am  –  All files uploaded

09:01am  –  Paula starts printing in 3410 computer lab (assist if possible)

01:30pm  – Studio starts pinning up in center core

02:00pm  –  Pin-Up

04:00pm  –  Third City discussion

06:00pm  –  Pay Paula for printing

Post questions/concerns/suggestions.  See you all tomorrow!


One response to “2:00 pm Monday Research Pin-Up

  1. hey guys. I put my file in drop box, but the thing is i try to shrink PDF size as much as i can. but still it is huge file. If some one know how to shrink smallest size, please do for me. Then for Paula, it will not take so much time to download the file. Thanks,

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