2013 Research Pin-Up

studio gang pin up

Hello All,

Here is what we decided on yesterday according to my understanding.  Please correct me, if I am incorrect.

1. Base Map – AutoCAD – Steven

2. Hi-Res Aerial Image – City and Downtown Scales – Piotr
A.  Land-Use/Zoning (GIS) – Steven
B.  Demographics + Population Density (GIS) – Steven
C.0.1  Figure/Ground – City Scale – Paula
C.0.2  Figure/Ground – Blocks Scale – Michael
C.1  Public (Plazas/Major Buildings) – JT
C.2  Institutional (Schools/Education/Cultural) – Grace/Xing
C.3  Landscapes (Parks/Green/Water/Infrastructural) – JJ
C.4  Vacant Lots – Sofia
Suburbs will work independently, but we will all use the same graphic standards as placed in the Dropbox Folder.
Take a look at what JJ and I came up with for the templates and let us know if you think they need changes.  They are located in the studio Dropbox Folder created by Paula.
All plots to be 24×36 portrait.
We chose (4) scales which you can see in the autoCAD layout tabs (the position/size is set, so all of our maps are the same: do not alter layout pages):
1.  1:200,000 – counties
2.  1:50,000 – city scale
3.  1:15,000 – huntley scale
4.  1:7,500 – downtown/riverside scale
We propose the map area graphic to be a hatch because of the simplicity and graphic coherence with a solid figure ground drawing, you can see an example hatch/scale in the autoCAD file.  We propose to use orange dots in the diagrams as can be seen in the indesign file.
Perhaps we should meet sometime late Sunday evening to review the work in progress just to make sure everything is in order, and we can make minor changes accordingly before Monday.  How about 7:00 pm on Sunday?  If you cannot make it, please upload the files to the Dropbox so we can review it anyways.
Also, should we plan to have all files uploaded by 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning because we will be plotting a lot of sheets, which will take some time.  Does someone want to coordinate the plotting effort (I have class from 10:00-12:40 on that morning)?
Let questions/suggestions/concerns be known!  Comment on this post.  Photo by Studio Gang.

12 responses to “2013 Research Pin-Up

  1. Hello! For A and B, Steven, are you doing city scale or county scale? For the suburbs, I’m guessing we are doing C (1-4) for both Riverside and Huntley, as well as a high res county map?

  2. Ola! Do you have the data? If you can get me an autocad file of the areas and the data, I can attempt to put it into GIS to produce the maps (it will be much faster in GIS). I’m not sure how to link them manually, but I can definitely try to find out.

  3. That would be awesome. So, the only Cad file we have of the burbs are of the counties. There is just no way we can get boundaries of every single village and zone in the burbs (I mean we probably can, but we gotta make some calls and the offices are closed this weekend 😦 ). What kind of data do you need exactly (numbers, percentages…)? And I will get them to you asap

  4. Hey group. I am not sure if I can make the meet up tonight, but I will definitely upload my files by tonight. I will match up the positioning of the map against the CAD map for printing. Will be in touch as I complete the file incase there is any file sizing issues. I also have class all morning tomorrow up until 12:40.

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